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You're on the front lines… and you're taking pretty heavy fire.
Imagine your commanding officer giving the order:


Fall back. Regroup. Pull in.

Get healthy.

At Ancient Way Farm we long to provide that type of retreat for your soul. We have many different offerings for such retreat, but our desire is to tailor something specific for you and your family.

What To Expect

Each retreat is unique, but a typical stay at Ancient Way Farm will include times of solitude, spiritual formation practices, slow walks, and prayer.

You'll experience radical hospitality, with home cooked meals around our table and  a comfortable bed at night. Our accommodations are designed specifically to provide the rest you need.

What you can expect most of all, is for the Lord to show up. It is our vision to offer a place of rest and hospitality and a space for God to work.

Start Planning Your Retreat

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