Please prayerfully consider an end-of-year gift to the ministry at Ancient Way Farm.

Stand at the crossroads and look.  Ask for the ancient paths.  Ask where the good way is and walk in it.  And you will find rest for your souls. - Jeremiah 6:16

Core Principles

  1. Live lives at a sustainable pace.  We long to model healthy pace for others by living with congruence with what we preach and teach at Ancient Way.  
    • Dallas Willard’s two quotes help remind us of this reality:  When asked how to live spiritually healthy, he responded: “You must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.”  On another occasion he said: “The exhausted life is not the abundant life.”
  2. Our primary growth goal will be GROWING the Kingdom in the lives of people.
    • We will do this by showing others how to “greenhouse” their souls for God to do His Great Work in their lives.
  3. We will be a Biblically centered mission and people.
  1. We will be known for our Christian hospitality.
    • We will do this by physically “setting the table” for guests.  We will do this by spiritually “setting the table” for God to do His great work in the lives of His people.
  1. We will be a mission and a people of Prayer.
  1. We will raise support to make Ancient Way accessible to all who are in need for our services.
  2. We will remember that this is essential Kingdom work, and not selfish.
    • Proverbs 4:23---Above all else guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.
    • Deuteronomy 4:9---Only take care and keep your soul diligently…
    • The Gospels---We see Jesus over and over living in the rhythm of moving out towards others and pulling back to the mountain, desert, or olive grove to care for His soul and the souls of His friends.
  1. Serve others as a family.  Work together as a family.
  1. We will help others get out of their environment to help create a place and space to Hear from the Lord.

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